King James Bible Defense Articles

New Testament

Cross Dressing Transvestites and the Modern Versions
"And of an honeycomb"
The Lord's Prayer
Heresy in John 10:14-15
Living By Bread Alone
Because I go to the Father
Greater Than All?
Matt. 4:23 - Missing Jesus
An 'Ass' or a 'Son'?
In the days of Abiathar the high priest
For Crying Out Loud!(pdf)
Through His Blood
Response to Daniel Wallace Regarding 1 John 5:7

Are ALL Bibles Valid? Series of articles on Luke 24
(Part 1)- (Part 2)- (Part 3)- (Part 4)- (Part 5)- (Part 6)-
(Part 7)- (Part 8)- (Part 9)- (Part 10)

The Deity of Christ and Modern Versions
Mark 1:1-3
What about Mark 16:9-20?
Matt. 6:13: The Doxology
Fasting and the NIV
The Johannine Comma
Terribly Hard and Difficult!
The Simplicity That Is In Christ
Eagles or Vultures?
The Devil is in the Details
What Did That Angel Say Again?
Slew and Hanged on a Tree
Does The Eunuch Get Saved In Your Bible?
John 3:13
1 Timothy 3:16
False Citations-1 Tim. 3:16 Examined

What's In A Name? (3 part series)
(Article #1)- (Article #2)- (Article #3)

Modern Versions and Gnostic Heresies
Mark 15:28
The Profession of Our Faith--Heb. 10:23
Romans 8:1
Prayer and Fasting
"And of an honeycomb"
The Shifting Sands of Scholarship-Romans 8
Beware the Scribes...
Beware of the Scribes #2
Beware of the Scribes #3
Heb. 1:6 & the LXX(pdf)
Mark 1:1 and footnotes(pdf)
Mark 6:22(pdf)
Titius or Justus(pdf)

Defense Articles

Wrong and Confusing Numbers in Modern Versions
Psalms 145 - 2010 NIV Does It Again
Fallacies of Difficult Words
Modern Denial of Preservation
What If...
Pilgrims and the Geneva Bible
A Response to Gary R. Hudson
The Syriac Peshitta and the Authorized Version
The Superior Translators of the King James Bible
What about those italicized words?
2 Samuel 21:19
The New King James Version: What About It?
You Better Hope Your Surgeon Is Not a Modern Versionist
The Deficiences of the Geneva Bible
Tyndale, the Textus Receptus or the King James Bible?
A Response to an Article on "KJV Onlyism"
Is There Not a Cause?
1 Sam. 6:19
Manuscript Mayhem(pdf)
Daniel 3:25

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NET Chart
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NRSV Chart
Masoretic-NT-LXX Chart(pdf)